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At JUNIPER we set out to change the overpriced and unnecessarily complex European bed sheets industry. So we set out to create the highest quality bed sheets possible, have a curated and timeless assortment, offer our customers full value chain transparency and keep prices to a minimum. This has never been done before.

So in order to do this, we had to start with a blank piece of paper and completely re-think everything about how the traditional bed sheets industry do things. We have come far but we will never be finished. We will keep developing our products and keep re-engineering our value chain to increase the quality of our products and improve traceability and transparency. 

Read on if you want to learn more about how we challenge the incumbents of the industry.



We have cut out all middlemen, handle distribution online, and embrace digital ways of working. The savings we make are passed on to our customers. There is no company anywhere offering a better price for the same quality.



At JUNIPER we only work with the finest cotton on earth, Supima. An Extra-Long Staple cotton of unrivalled quality which allows us to create a durable and extremely soft fabric. 



All materials we used including every button, label, thread and even the box your products comes delivered in are traced back to their source. This is value chain transparency on a whole new level.



We design our products, to work all year long, year after year. We always offer the best price possible and don’t do seasonal rebates.



Our production team has over 100 years of experience from the home textiles industry and work with state of the art machinery

If you are already convinced


If you walk into any department store today and stroll over to the premium bed linen brands you will find that a duvet cover for two, a fitted sheet and four pillow cases cost you well over EUR 500, often closer to EUR 800. This is completely insane. We offer the same bundle for EUR 300 and we promise you that we have spared no expense in creating the highest quality bed sheets possible.

We have removed anything and everything that doesn’t add value to you, including traditional marketing, wholesalers, a whole bunch of administrative personnel, retail space, sales people, distributors and top sheets.

At our headquarters we use digital ways of working and always try to be as efficient as possible, we will not add personnel just because we can at any stage.

Of course however, our headquarter costs are not the majority of the cost base. The rest of the value chain builds up the vast majority of the cost base and we have cut the value chain in half. Cutting out any unnecessary middlemen that doesn’t add value to the product. The result is a really lean and efficient value chain where we have full transparency and know every partner. For you this means that you can enjoy the highest quality bed sheets you can find at a significantly lower price.















All cottons are not created equal. Gossypium Hirsutum is the most common cotton in the world and is characterised by its relatively short staples, the fine little strands that make up a raw piece of cotton, which makes it perfect for creating everyday products that are affordable. Gossypium Barbadense is considered the finest cotton on earth, in part for its long staples (fibers) making it softer and more durable.

At JUNIPER we have chosen to make all our sheets with Supima Cotton (derived from Superior Pima cotton), which is grown in Arizona and California in the United States. Supima Cotton farmers ensure that they are growing the best quality cotton in the world with as little impact on the environment as possible. They use every tool available from GPS navigated tractors that plant and harvest the cotton, to soil monitors to ensure that the growing environment is ideal. There is no more advanced cotton production on the planet. So why should you care? And how will it affect you?



Long-staple cotton only makes up about 3% of world cotton production, and actually most decent quality bed sheets today use long-staple cotton. So what makes our sheets special? At Juniper of Sweden we only use extra long-staple cotton (ELS). As well as fibre length, ELS cottons are also recognised for their superior strength and better uniformity. Essentially this results in a stronger, finer yarn, that produce extremely smooth and supple weaves.



A ply is a strand of fiber that makes up a piece of yarn. Most yarns have several plies twisted around each other (multi- ply yarns), however, some only have one. These are called singles or single-ply yarns. At Juniper of Sweden, we exclusively use single-ply yarns. It results in light and incredibly soft sheets that will last a much longer time than multi-ply yarns.



Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft). Sounds easy right, but some time ago manufacturers started cheating the system by counting each thread in a multi-ply (lower quality) thread individually. Our Supima Sateen bed sheets are 500 thread count sheets, this is basically the highest possible thread count number that is physically achievable unless you use multi-ply which would end feeling less soft and heavier.


For a long time the common practice in retail has been to add a 'Made in’-label, providing little to no information on the actual origin and manufacturing conditions of the garments we wear. For that reason our friends at - an absolutely fantastic men’s clothing store - came up with a new type of label. We are following in their footsteps by attempting to provide Full Traceability in every aspect of each product. This is not always easy and definitely not something our factory partners are used to but we will do everything we can to give you, the customer, a complete and transparent view of the origins of your product.

We are basically breaking every product down to its raw components and tracing them back to their origin. For some components this is relatively simple, take the cotton for example where we have complete view of exactly where it has been made. But for other components this is more difficult. For each of our products you will be able to follow our progress here on the website and for each factory order we make, we will update our internal product labels. To start off we have settled for wider geographical areas and major steps of the value chain, but as we progress we will become more prices and give you an even greater opportunity to look into our value chain.

EXAMPLE: The Duvet Cover

Design: Pattern making and product development in Sweden
Production: Cut, stitched, trimmed, washed and packed in Israel
Fabric: 100% Supima cotton farmed in California, USA. Yarn spun twisted and woven in India. Yarn dyed and finished in Israel.
Buttons: Mother of Pearl collected from outside Australia. Buttons Cut, polished and engraved in China.
Stitching thread: 100% polyester produced in China.
Logo label: 100% cotton, spun and woven in China. Finished in Turkey.
Care label: 100% polyester spun and woven in China. Printed in Israel.


At JUNIPER we will completely disregard the common practice in the bed sheets industry of doing seasonal collections. Instead we will improve our existing products incrementally as we progress. Definitely adding new designs as we go along but always with the intent of keeping them as a permanent feature of our collection.

Buying new sheets every season is simply not needed, in today’s modern world where indoor space and especially storage is limited we believe it is superior to go with a timeless design, that will remain relevant throughout the year, year after year. This will lower overall consumption and make us more conscious to the quality of the products we buy. So throughout the year you will find that we stick to the same prices, we won't drop our prices just because Christmas has passed, our prices are as low as they can be already. The price simply reflects the true value of the product.


Our manufacturing team is among the most experienced teams in the home textiles industry. They are based out of Israel and have a combined experience of over 100 years.

Experience is of course one thing. But modern machinery is just as important, our production team are using Osthoff Singe for finishing, widely considered the industry best practice. Settings of the machinery are customised by each manufacturing team, which ensures no sheet can be made to feel exactly like ours.

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