We use cookies on JUNIPER’s website, juniperofsweden.com. You can learn more about cookies and how we use them to make your experience more enjoyable below.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. JUNIPER uses this information for statistical purposes, to keep track of actions performed by visitors on our website, and to improve and personalise the user’s experience of the website. There are two types of cookies – (1) persistent and (2) session cookies.

1. Persistent cookies are stored on site user’s computer for a certain period of time.
2. A session cookie is only stored on a user’s computer while the user is navigating the website. As soon as the web browser is closed, session cookies are deleted.


JUNIPER uses cookies to improve and customise the website for you as a visitor. Examples of features that are affected by cookies are: handling of purchases, login to your customer account and shopping cart. Cookies also help to store certain information that adapts advertising and offers to provide you with a more relevant experience. For example, permanent cookies are used to store any personal settings made on juniperofsweden.com, so you do not need to redo the same things every time you visit our site. Sessionscookies are used to keep statistics of usage on the site.


f you do not want cookies to be used, you can disable them from your web browser’s Settings tab (visit your browser’s Help page for more information). You can also delete cookies in your web browser which have been stored from previously visited websites.

If you choose not to accept cookies, your experience with us will be limited and basic functionality will not work such as clearing a purchase. If you want to learn more about how to handle cookies, you can visit: https://pts.se/sv/bransch/regler/lagar/lag-om-elektronisk-kommunikation/kakor-cookies/.

Deleting cookies on a PC:

Use keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete].

Deleting cookies on a MAC:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Flash cookies

Basic functionality

JUNIPER’s e-commerce platform, Woocommerce, set cookies in order for basic functionality of the site to work - such as checkout, shopping cart etc. Typekit by Adobe - a cookie is set in order to show font and custom design of the website

Advertising and marketing

Google Adwords - a cookie is set to customise the ad content and optimise the advertising on Google
Facebook ads - a cookie is set to customise the content of Facebook’s ad program.
Google Dynamic Remarketing - used for remarketing


Google Tag Manager - used for handling tracking on the website. 
Google Analytics - used in order to get an idea of how customers use the site. Read more here about how they are used. We anonymize IP and transaction-ID.
Pingdom - a cookie is set to measure the loading time of the site.
Hotjar - a cookie is set to analyze how the visitor moves around on the site.
Sitegainer - a cookie is set in order to be able to perform A/B testing on the site. The cookie determines which version of the site the visitor will see and allows the visitor to see the same version each time visiting the site.

If you have any further questions regarding the Cookie Policy please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@juniperofsweden.com


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